November 30, 2011

Announcing: Custom Holiday Portraits

We are all looking for something special to give our friends and loved ones this Christmas. Why not give them a custom, digital portrait? Portraits are an artistic and unique gift that won't be forgotten! Illustrating portraits is one of my favorite things to do. Ever since discovering my artistic talents in high school, I have been practicing the art of portraiture. For part of my Christmas presents this year to my family, I drew custom portraits for them! They really enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun drawing them.

If you have something special, like a pet or prized treasure you would like to include, just let me know and we can talk about how to create a beautiful portrait. Or, if you have a creative idea for a portrait, please let me know at and we can come up with the perfect solution together.

Pricing varies upon request depending on number of people, desired size, etc. Please contact me at if you would like more information about portraits. Include portraits in the subject line.

November 29, 2011

MaieDae Holiday DIY Party!

If you haven't checked it out already, I want to officially invite you to the MaieDae Holiday DIY & Giveaway Party! Savannah and I have been working hard to come up with some great holiday related DIY projects to share and get you in the spirit for Christmas! We have some creative great gifts ideas, home nesting inspiration, as well as some simple DIY fashion! We will be featuring 12 DIYs over 7 days on both my blog and Savannah's blog.

We also have 3 incredible giveaways to offer during the week! We'll be giving away a copy of Design*Sponge at Home, a lot of Martha Stewart Holiday crafting goodies, as well as a special holiday surprise from one of our favorite bloggers!! 

I am so excited!!! Mark your calendars for December 5th! 

November 28, 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Drew and I had a wonderful "Thanksmas" with my family this weekend! On Thursday, we ate a delicious Thanksgiving meal at my grandparents' house, including one of my favorite dishes: broccoli casserole. We spent most of the day relaxing and watching football. Although Drew didn't come up to Knoxville until late Thursday night, it was so special because it was our first time spending the Thanksgiving holiday together.

On Friday, my family decided to celebrate Christmas since my siblings and I all live in different states.We started out the morning decorating the Christmas tree -- it was so beautiful! We decided to use colored lights this year and, combined with all the sentimental ornaments, it made an absolutely wonderful display. Afterward, my mom cooked up a huge dinner like we usually do on Christmas Eve. Then... PRESENTS! We always go around one at a time and watch each other open presents, which is my favorite.

Then, on Saturday, my aunt threw a baby shower for my sister -- who is due March 2 with my nephew. It was such a fun-filled, happy weekend. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Photos from Top to Bottom:
1. My grandmother making the finishing touches on Thanksgiving.
2. Lovely plate of FOOD.
3. My sister and her husband.
4. Ranger checking out the Christmas tree.
5. My brother and his wife being crazy. :p
6. Christmas tree we decorated at my parents' house.
7. Drew and Ranger in my new fisheye lens!
8. Baby shower
9. Ranger and I being sweet :)
10. The cake at the baby shower was so cute!
11. Peekaboo! Ranger likes Christmas.
12. I got a new coffee maker from my parents.
13. Loving my new Michael Buble CD.
14. Handmade gloves I had on my wish list.

November 26, 2011

Weekly Favorites 11.26.11

Favorite Photograph:
Taken at my grandparents' house on Thanksgiving Day. This is my immediate family.
Favorite Song:
// Sun Dog ---> The New Empires

Favorite Posts:
// Holiday Door Mat DIY ---> A Beautiful Mess
// 10 Things, Wednesday ---> Oh, Hello Friend

Favorite of Mine:
// Decorating for Christmas! :)

November 24, 2011

Thankful List

Happy Thanksgiving! Today was a wonderful day spent with family and lots of food. My sister and her husband arrived around noon and we all headed over to my grandparents' for a Thanksgiving lunch. We spent the rest of the day taking pictures, talking about what we are most thankful for, watching football, playing tennis, and talking about this year.

My great-grandmother couldn't make it to lunch. However, she found out that my apartment is lacking in Christmas decorations and gave me a tree and some of her ornaments. I'm a very sentimental person, so that was very, very special to me. I can't wait to put up the tree and show you pictures!
My Thankful List:
// A big extended family.
// My relationship with Drew and how much we have learned this year.
// A great job.
// Coffee.
// MaieDae.
// My best friends, Anica and Savannah. :)
// Making new friends in Atlanta.
// My wonderful roommate, Katie.
// A great education.
// My Bible study girls.
// Date night.
// My little kitty, Ranger.
// Good health.
// Gracious and generous friends and loved ones.
// The ability to be creative.
// A close family who loves each other.
// CHRISTMAS!!!!! I love Christmas. So. Much.
// Good memories.
// Joy.
// Sweets & other treats.

What's on your thankful list?

November 23, 2011

Be Pulchritudinous: Holiday Eyeshadow How-to

As many of my close friends already know, I love the process of applying makeup to myself and others! Creative excitement seems to burst from within me when I am able to experiment with colors and practice blending on the facial canvas. This is because, when you are an artist at heart, almost everything turns into an opportunity for creating something beautiful.

Today, I am excited to share with you a step-by-step eyeshadow tutorial featuring how to get a dramatic eye for the holiday season. This recipe is especially good for a night out -- if you are going on a date or maybe to a Christmas party!

Some tips before starting:
// Don't be afraid to mix more than one color on your brush at a time.
// Blend. Blend. Blend.
// Look at a color palette for ideas on complimentary hues.
// Play with it and have fun!

Supplies You Will Need:
// A few different brushes
// Black Mascara
// Black Eyeliner
// Eyeshadow of various colors (I used Urban Decay's eyeshadows)
// Powder brush
// I recommend using a primer such as Urban Decay's Shadow Primer Potion.

Step 1: Start by applying a primer to your entire eyelid area. (See above for recommendation) Apply base color to entire eyelid. To match what I did, use a color mixture similar to Sidecar & Smog.

Step 2: Apply lighter color underneath eyebrow along the brow bone as well as the inside corner of your eye. To match what I did, use a color mixture similar to Uzi & Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.
Step 3: Starting from the corner of your eye, use a darker complimentary shade to accent your lash line. Making a v-shape, blend color until desired. To match what I did, use a color similar to Goddess.
Step 4: Just along the lash line, brush on a slightly darker shade than before. To match what I did, use a color mixture similar to Goddess & Perversion.
Step 5: Now, along the bottom lash line, apply the same darker color from the outer corner to the middle of your eye. To match what I did, use a color mixture similar to Goddess & Perversion.
Step 6: Along the other half of your bottom lashes, apply a lighter shade of color. Using a powder brush, lightly brush upwards over the entire eye area to blend completely and remove any extra shadow. To match what I did, use a color similar to Maui Wowie.
Step 7: Apply a black eye liner from the inner corner of your eye all the way to the outside triangle. If you like, you can make a cat-eye by adding a "swoosh" to the end of your line as pictured here.
Step 8: Add some black mascara and black eye liner to the inside bottom corners of your eye, and "wahlah!" you're ready for a holiday work party or a fancy date!

I hope you have fun with your new look! I look forward to sharing more about this weekend with you soon :)

November 22, 2011


I am SO excited about this week! Today, I am planning to make the trek up to Knoxville, TN, to see my family. I drew a little family tree so you could see who's who.

This week is extremely special because:

1)It's not often anymore (unfortunately) that my entire immediate family is able to be together at the same time.
2)My sister is a little over six months pregnant with my nephew, who I am totally excited to meet!!!
3)On Thanksgiving Day, we all will head over to my grandparents' house to see my extended family and share this year's trials and blessings.
4)My immediate family has decided to celebrate CHRISTMAS this Friday since we won't see each other again!
5)Drew is coming up to Knoxville Thursday night to spend the rest of the weekend with my family. :D
6)My mom is the most amazing cook and ... I am still a poor soul who has not conquered that area of my apartment. So, needless to say, I'm excited to EAT.

If that's not an amazing list, then I don't know what is. What are you excited about most for Thanksgiving?

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