April 24, 2012

Giveaway: Maiedae Logo Design (Closed)

To celebrate our revised branding package, we are giving away a FREE logo design by Maiedae to one lucky person! Creating a look and feel for a business or blog is one of our favorite things to do and it is the beginning of creating the success for your business! As you can tell, we have just re-branded Maiedae and are loving the new look. If you would like a new look, what better way than with a free logo design?? We will establish your new look and feel and create a custom logo just for you!

Be sure to take a look at our branding design options here and our portfolio page here for some ideas on our latest work.

Win a custom logo design for your blooming business by Maiedae! We will select one winner this week at random. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Main Entry: Tell me about the purpose of your business and why you do what you do! If you have a blog or website, link your URL. Make sure to put your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Bonus Entries: (please leave one comment per bonus entry)
* Follow my blog (on the bottom left sidebar)
* Like Maiedae on Facebook
* Tweet about it! You can copy and paste this if you aren't sure what to write: @Maiedae is giving away a free logo design to celebrate the launch of their new site! http://pulchritudefest.blogspot.com/2012/04/giveaway-maiedae-logo-design.html

Want to win a $40 Starbucks giftcard or a FREE banner design for your blog by Maiedae? We are just full of joy from launching our new site and brand and we want to pass it along to you! Be sure to check out Savannah's blog later today for a Diana Camera + Film Giveaway to celebrate our new photography packages!

April 23, 2012

Giveaway + Website Packages (Closed)

We are so excited about the new website! If you haven't checked it out yet, please do! Here it is. To celebrate, Savannah and I have planned a giveaway party today and tomorrow! You don't want to miss out on these giveaways, either! 

Today, I am giving away a $40 Starbucks gift card!!! Savannah and I always meet at "the 'bucks" to work on our designs and have meetings, so we thought it was fitting for a giveaway to you! Here are the requirements:

*Tell me about your favorite part of our new website!

GIVEAWAY BONUS ENTRIES (please leave one comment per bonus entry)
*Follow my blog (see the bottom of the left sidebar)
*Like Maiedae on Facebook
*Tweet about it. Here is a sample tweet if you're having trouble coming up with something: "So excited about @Maiedae's new website! I want to win the giveaway! 
http://pulchritudefest.blogspot.com/2012/04/giveaway-website-packages.html "

Make sure to post a comment for each entry. The giveaway winners will be announced later this week! Be sure to check out Savannah's blog for more information about our packages and to win a banner design for your blog! 

A little bit about our NEW WEBSITE DESIGN PACKAGE:

Maiedae is now offering two fantastic website design packages! Highly involved in social networking? Blogging? Or your small business? The Portal Page could be a perfect fit for you. ThePortal Page is a one page web design that features links to your online presences and gives clients and//or readers one simple URL to visit in order to access all of your links. This page is custom designed to fit your personal branding. Looking for a professional website to really highlight your small business? Take a look at our Micro-Site package! www.Maiedae.com is a Micro-Site and was completely developed from the ground up by the team at Maiedae. Your Micro-Site will feature a beautiful clean design, full navigation, and a beautiful space to feature your business. Website design packages start at $600.

- Host set up and installation
- Links to internet presence
- Custom design to match your personal branding
- High quality development and implementation of your new page
- Site support

- Host set up and installation
- Consult on how to best design and organize your site
- Custom Site design to match your personal branding
- Full development and installation
- Video tutorial on how to maintain your specific website content
- Site support

Interested in having a Portal Page or Micro-Site designed? Contact us to receive more information about our website design services and pricing. Take a look at our FAQ page to see common questions and answers about our website design packages.

I hope you win the giveaway!!!

April 20, 2012

The New Maiedae

The new website and branding are officially launched!!! It's been a long time coming and we are so excited to introduce the new site. You can visit the beauty here. A little sneak peek of what it looks like...

We have brand new design packages, photography packages, and web design packages for you to take a look at! I cannot wait to show you more features of the site :)

Also, look forward to the BLOG PARTY Savannah and I are hosting to celebrate this exciting accomplishment, beginning on Sunday. We will have a ton of awesome giveaways for you! In the meantime, I'm just enjoying looking at this beautiful new logo.

April 17, 2012

Roll Away Your Stone

Whew! What a great weekend! Drew and I spent a relaxing weekend up at WinShape Retreat for a premarital program called "Prepare to Last." It was such an encouraging weekend for us. We came away refreshed, revitalized, and encouraged in the preparation and growth we have accomplished so far. A few wonderful takeaways from the weekend:

1. Trying to "win" an argument should not be your purpose, because your spouse is not your adversary. You either both win or you both loose.
2. Practice lifting up your spouse by naming 5 things you think are "lovely, admirable, praiseworthy, noble, true, or honorable" about them. 
3. Make time for just the two of you on a regular basis. We have a scheduled "date night" every Wednesday where we spend intentional time with one another. Try to learn something you didn't know about your spouse.
4. Besides your relationship with God (which comes first above all else), your relationship with your spouse is the most important relationship in your life. Don't let anything else take the place of, or come before, this relationship - whether it be the kids, work, a hobby, or even your extended family.
5. Fight your selfishness and desire for control. They will try to put walls between the two of you.
6. If you find yourself in an argument and you just aren't getting anywhere, take 5-10 minutes and try to argue from the other person's perspective. Then, come back together and present your argument for the other side.

I am beginning the process of packing up all of my belongings to move on Saturday and Sunday into what will be Drew's and my apartment. It is so exciting to think about decorating and creating our first home. :) But, right now, all I can think about is packing tape and dust bunnies.

On another exciting note, we are officially 3 days away from the launch of the NEW and improved www.maiedae.com, as well as the start of an awesome LAUNCH PARTY!!! Look forward to some great giveaways, featured new products, and an amazing new look that Savannah and I have been working hard to produce. We are pumped!!

April 12, 2012

Prepare to Last

I took this picture last year when Drew came up to Berry, while I was still working in Rome, Georgia, and surprised me for Valentine's Day. Berry has a special place in our hearts, not only because we met, dated, and got engaged there, but because of all that we learned about ourselves through the WinShape College Program and its staff. (WCP is a Christian leadership program founded partially by Chick-fil-A for students attending Berry College,)

Tomorrow, Drew and I are getting off work a little early and heading up to the beautiful WinShape Retreat on Berry College's campus for a weekend retreat designed to prepare engaged couples, and those considering engagement, for a successful marriage. The weekend involves outdoor ropes activities, a special date night, and wonderful food :) I am looking forward to putting away all distractions and learning more about what makes for a healthy relationship and a fulfilling marriage.

So, adios until next week! :) Have a beautiful and restful weekend.

April 11, 2012

Blog Design: HelloDearie

Today, I finished addressing, stuffing, and sealing our wedding invitations! I am so excited to put them in the mail tomorrow :) All that hard work is completed! I can't wait to show you the finished product. I love how our personality came out in them. I'm also really excited about getting to look at Drew's suit tomorrow! After visiting multiple suit shops, Drew and I ended up ordering a suit online that was half-price and I'm looking forward to it coming in the mail tomorrow! :) *Fingers crossed*

I had the pleasure of working this week with the lovely Dawn, from HelloDearie, on refreshing her blog design. Dawn is a mother, crafter, and teacher. She enjoys crafting, all things vintage, design, fashion, and living in a small town with her family. Her blog is so cute! Definitely a new one on my reading list. I love being able to feature designs and this is one that I particularly loved working on. Dawn wanted something very clean and simple with pops! of bright color. I think her final product turned out beautifully.

Dawn wanted her look to be complete and succinct throughout, so we also worked on updating her Etsy banner to complete her look!

Interested in having your blog designed? Looking for business branding? Email me at Jenny@maiedae.com to get more information on our packages. You can check out more of our work here.

Have a lovely Wednesday! It's date night!! :D

April 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Ranger and I are heading home to Knoxville for the Easter weekend! :) I have a list of things to do-- including finishing our wedding invitations-- and I am very excited to see my brother and sister-in-law, who I don't see very often since they live in Indianapolis. I'm working on a few more DIY projects and Drew is picking up something very exciting today that I can't wait to share with you! For now, here are a few of my inspiration pieces for our apartment.

Beautiful clean colors and natural wood. My fav!

Love this look! And Drew would love the deer mounted on the wall. Hah.

A little hint about the surprise I mentioned :)

Drew and I would LOVE to have this garden wall in our home one day.

Love the dark floors and the natural wood table.

What a cool way to make shelves!! Definitely want to do this!

Enjoy your weekend! :)

April 2, 2012

Bridesmaids Lookin' Good!

This weekend, Drew and I had a great time up in Gainesville ordering our wedding bands (which look beautiful!!!), registering at The Crystal Plate, and hanging out with his family. It was a much-needed, restful weekend. I am going to wait to show you pictures of our wedding bands, but Drew's wedding band is made out of Tungsten carbide - the same thing used in armor piercing bullets! It is completely scratch resistant and absolutely him. It makes me so happy.

Remember how I told you my plan for the bridesmaids dresses? Here are 5 of the 10 bridesmaids dresses so far! Look how great they look already.

We still have five more left to add and I'm so excited to see how they look together. This was my original color palette suggestion:

I asked them all to send me a picture of their dress once they found it, so that I could get an idea of how it was all fitting together. For their shoes, I chose these from Urban Outfitters that are a coral-red.They look beautiful up against the pale blues! (And they're on sale!)

When thinking about the look I wanted for my bridesmaids, my goals included:

1) That they not spend a ton of money.
2) I wanted to highlight and accent their individual beauty.
3) For them to enjoy what they are wearing and feel comfortable.
4) For the colors and palette to compliment each other, but not match exactly.

I think we are doing pretty good! Today, Drew and I are going to finally look at suits. Most of the department stores have not had any lighter grey suits in stock. I hope you all had a great weekend :)
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