June 30, 2012

Relationship Series: Revelrey

The serious boyfriend, girlfriend thing. At the age of 25, that is what I am doing with this amazing man named Glenn. We have been dating since about the same time the police called my mom at 2AM on the night of our first kiss, because I wasn’t answering my phone. That is a story for later. Glenn currently lives an hour and a half away from me while he is going to grad school and I start my career. Oh, the joys of a little distance. Oh, and I travel about 2 weeks a month for work across the great country of ‘merica which is even more distance and this is how we make it work for us.

Be mad; it is OK. 

Stuff happens and days are going to be bad, that is life. Glenn works really long shifts while he is going to school, and most days he is just ridiculously tired. What I have learned is that him being tired or upset at the world does not in any way, shape, or form mean that he is mad at me. (Apparently the whole world doesn’t revolve around me, who knew?) Or when I get super crazy because a project at work isn’t working out, he has learned to just tell me that I will get through it and he is there for me if I need help. Being mad for a little while, just to be mad or scream at the top of your lungs while riding in the car on the way to church, because you are frustrated and then start laughing because you are being a dramatic is OK. In moderation, Glenn would say.

The C word. 

Talk to each other. About every single thing. Don’t leave anything, I mean anything out. If you are dating someone and you want to marry them one day, you have to tell the truth, all of it, all of the time. Lying can be the worst thing to ever happen to a great relationship. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! 

Date Nights via Skype 

I know this is said over and over again, but really do the date-night thing. It doesn’t even have to be in person. We didn’t start having Skype date nights until about halfway through our relationship, so cheers to finally putting talk into action! Every Tuesday night, Glenn and I log online and Skype. I could tell you that we mainly talk about the fabulousness of our lives, but I would be lying. Most of the time we just play games online together and he gets mad because I beat him, or we change the game if he is winning. Our date nights are just about intentionally setting a time to be with each other throughout the week.


My only advice for when you have a fight is to remember this: you are on the same team. You are on the same side of this whole life thing. I adore doing life with Glenn and I hope you glean some usefulness from our relationship findings in your own.

-Kate from Revelrey

June 28, 2012

Relationship Series: The Wonder List

Topic: Relationship Advice for Younger Girls

In his book, The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis writes, "Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable." 

The reality is, though true love exists (and is one of the most wonderful experiences on earth), it does not always happen as it did for Princess Jasmine, Kathleen Kelly, or Holly Golightly. As Lewis writes, the essence of love is a state of utter vulnerability. To love is to enter into a hallway, beautiful as it may be, without any real knowledge of where your walk through that hallway will end. Perhaps it will lead to a breathtaking ballroom and perhaps it will lead to a new crossroads. Our hope is that your walk will always lead you to a glorious finish. However, we have found that lasting relational knowledge is found in the walk, not the destination. The process of learning to love someone and receive love in return is messy and sometimes has bumps in the road, but it is what teaches us to free our hearts and learn the true meaning of care, passion, and sacrifice. 

Our Best Advice: 

Enjoy the celebration // The desire to love and be loved is both a natural feeling and something to be celebrated. Meeting someone that you connect with on a deep level, someone that understands your personality quirks and laughs at the same things you do is such a delightful, profound experience. Have fun with it and enjoy every moment of that connection. 

Find your balance
// The space  between opening your heart and guarding your heart can be very grey and is unique according to personality, past experiences, and general preference. Use discretion in finding that balance for yourself and seek the advice of older women who have walked through it before if you ever have questions. 

Venture out 
// Embracing a new person is much like embracing a new place. You have to venture beyond the comfort of your walls in order to discover it. If you take a wrong turn by mistake, learn from it and create a new route for the next time. 

Deal honestly
// Even if it is difficult, strive to always achieve honest exchanges with your partner and with yourself. As long as honesty prevails, the danger of disappointment or heartbreak will lessen. 

Learn to love well 
// Love has a constant learning curve. Unfortunately, we haven't quite yet figured out if the curve ever goes away completely but it does diminish with experience. Choose to see love as an opportunity for you to learn how to serve another person and strive to do it well. The one you love is worth it and so are you. 

We all know it can be a jungle out there, but if you trust in your foundation and allow vulnerability to walk in tandem alongside wisdom, love will change you forever. 

Emily & Allie

June 26, 2012

Relationship Series: Little Miss

Sweet readers, you can call me Little Miss. I'm so pleased to be able to share some thoughts with you while Jenny is away on her romantic honeymoon!

Life for me has been simple and sweet lately, and for the first time ever, I have a romance to boast of. Patiently, I've waited for God to lead me into a relationship that honors Him, and ever so faithfully, He's worked in the lives of myself and my sweet friend J to bring us together. It's all very new, and the "sparks" and "butterflies" I've always heard of are suddenly very real, and rather exciting.

Part of the magic, of course, is the moments spent together on dates. J and I have been on quite a few in  these past weeks, yet I can't help but dream of more. There are four romantic dates I've always dreamed of that keep running through my mind, dates I hope to plan for the days ahead.

The fort date is one I look forward to, with the thrown together intimacy of walls made with blankets and soft lights illuminating the pillows we'd relax on. It's the perfect way to take a dinner date, and make it a little more exciting! I also know it's something J will love, since so much of him is still a child at heart, and construction of the fort would likely be more exciting to him than the actual time spent in it.

An outdoor movie date is something that I've always dreamed of doing with a boy. An evening spent under the stars, holding hands and huddled in blankets spells out a night to be remembered. I'd probably prepare well in advance, making sure I have a few lemony snacks ready for him, since that's his favorite. Of course, there's always the excitement of fingers meeting in the popcorn bowl, so I'd make sure to have that too.

As I think of dates, picnics have been filling my daydreams of late. I can't stop musing about the simplicity of sweet snacks packed to share in a deserted field, spread out on a pretty blanket. Or a plain table dressed with a bouquet of flowers and candles to compliment the flowing beauty of the abandoned field in which the table is set. These moments are what I've always dreamed to be the most romantic, and I plan to find ways to make them happen. J and I have already had a few picnic moments, and I think the simplicity of a walk and a picnic might just become our signature.

The last romantic date I've been dreaming of isn't really a specific "date", but more of a mindset. It's the mindset that says seize the moment and make it memorable! Be just a little spontaneous. Be a little crazy! Run out into the deserted road and lay there, just the two of you, just for fun. I need to remind myself to find these moments of potential in the dates J and I will have, because those are the moments that make memories.

I hope through my sentimental daydreams of dates to come, you've had the opportunity to come up with a few ideas for you and your sweetheart. And, if you don't have a sweetheart, let my story be encouragement to you. God has a plan, and He knows what the best timing is, so trust Him!

Stop by and visit my sweet journal where I'll share with you the musings of a twenty-something's life as she seeks to serve God, (and go on dates with a brown eyed boy.)

June 24, 2012

Relationship Series: Maiedae

Hello! Savannah here, from Maiedae. Jenny is one of my very bestest friends and I'm SO excited for her as she celebrates her marriage with her new husband on their honeymoon! It's been such a blessing to watch Jenny and Drew's relationship grow throughout the years. Their hearts have turned toward each other in such a beautiful way and I am honored to be part of their lives. 

Jenny asked me to share some of the top things I've learned about being a wife and loving my husband. Jon and I met when we were sophomores in high school. We started dating during our junior year and quickly fell head over heels in love with each other. We dated throughout the remainder of high school, went to college together, got engaged our junior year of college, and got married one week after graduation. :) Jon and I have been together 7.5 years. We've grown up together and we've learned so much through our two years of marriage. Today, I'll be sharing the top 5 things I've learned about loving my husband and pursuing a good marriage.

1. Understand Each Other. ---> Jonathon and I are two completely different people. We think differently, we have different hobbies and personalities. I can't expect Jon to think the same way I do or respond the same way I do. We've taken the time in our relationship to really get to know each other and understand who we are. This allows us to have more mercy, patience, and respect for each other by recognizing that we are unique individuals. 

2. Always Offer Support. ---> Because Jon and I are different people, we have different passions and goals that we pursue. One of our favorite ways to love each other is by giving our full support and encouragement to one another. It's important to be genuine in this and understand that, just because you may not love a hobby or passion of your spouse's, doesn't mean it's dumb. Loving your spouse is also loving their dreams. 

3. Never Stop Dating. ---> One of the best things Jon and I EVER did in our relationship was to establish date nights. We started this in college and have continued throughout our marriage and it has been such a healthy aspect of our relationship. In marriage, you still have to be intentional about spending quality time together. When things get busy, always having that date night consistent every week helps prevent so many of those "I'm-fussy-at-you-because-I-just-miss-you" arguments. AND it continues to show each other that we love each other and that we want to always pursue each other. See my blog post about dating your husband here. :)

4. You're a Team. ---> One quote that has always stuck with me is, "If one of you wins in a fight, then both of you lose." Approaching every valley, hard time, and argument with the mindset of, "We are a team" is crucial. It's not about who is right and who is wrong. It's about loving each other in a way where you see a hill and you want to grab your spouse's hand to overcome it together. A reward for being a team through arguments and difficult situations is that you can grow tremendously through it and experience a new closeness to your spouse by overcoming obstacles together. 

5. Love Languages. ---> Everyone shows and feels love in different ways. For Jon, it's touch. When I'm flirty with him, hold his hand, and show him affection through touch, he feels loved.  For me, it's gifts and quality time. I feel very loved when people give me something thoughtfully and when Jon and I get to spent one-on-one time together. Oftentimes, the way we feel loved is the way we show love, however, it's important to understand what makes your spouse feel loved and reciprocate that love language to them. I would highly recommend reading The Five Love Languages as a resource to better understand how you and your spouse show and feel love. 

Thanks so much, Jenny, for allowing me to share some of the things I've learned with your readers! I wish you the VERY best during your first year of marriage. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back from your honeymoon!! :)


June 21, 2012

Rustic & Beautiful

Hi! I'm Joanna, a guest blogger for Design Shuffle-- a fantastic source of inspiration! On any given day, I can be found searching the internet for the most intriguing interior design images and ideas. I love to share them in guest posts such as this on blogs like Pulchritude Fest. Today, I bring you beautiful rooms with rustic style. I hope you enjoy! Be sure to comment and let me know what you think.

Rustic Beauty

This glorious living room is filled with beauty from the velvet-covered armchair to the weathered coffee table. The shutters at the windows are especially nice topped with more velvet.

Rustic Beauty

This low-key outdoor dining space exudes a rustic elegance. Can't you just imagine having an al fresco dinner here with friends and family?

Rustic Beauty

Rustic metal is the order of the day in this lovely living room. The bird cage hanging light fixture is
charming and fits nicely with the rest of the decor.

Rustic Beauty

A very rustic kitchen has its own pretty look with the rough hewn and weathered cabinetry and stainless steel island.

Rustic Beauty

A pretty little weathered table and bench look like a sweet place to have a cup of tea with scones. Wish I could see the whole space!

Rustic Beauty

Here, an industrial style tray becomes a rustic bar cart. Placing it in front of distressed doors gives the simple vignette even more character.

Rustic Beauty

An elegant space plays house with a rustic painted table, bench, and chairs. The crystal lighting fixture and mirrors add a bit of dressed up beauty to the room.

Rustic Beauty
Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

An ornate bed in a rustic finish is dressed beautifully in vintage linens and pretty lace. A single rose adds a bit of blush to the bedroom.

What do you think of rustic furniture and decor? If you're looking for great rustic inspiration, look no further than Design Shuffle! Click here to see beautiful designs from top interior designers from all around the world!

June 20, 2012


I just got back from an AMAZING time with Anica and Savannah. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Savannah took some amazing photos you can check out here. We had an amazing time! I left work Tuesday and went straight to Savannah's house where she and Anica captured me and took me to the Twelve Hotel in Atlantic Station. I had no idea where we were going or what we were going to do. It was so much fun!!! We spent the night making cookies, doing pedicures, and massages, and having fun girly time together. Then, we woke up this morning, got our necessary Starbucks on, walked around the shops at Atlantic Station, ate lunch at the Food Truck Park, and then got my nails done! These ladies are some of the BEST friends I've ever had the privilege of knowing and I love them dearly.

I am absolutely THRILLED and ECSTATIC about the fact that the wedding is just 3 days away!!! :) :) :) Sorry, there WILL be a LOT of caps lock used in this blog post... I'm just SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I know you've been wondering what all of my bridesmaids decided to wear. If you remember, I let them choose their own dresses and picked out this coral//red shoe from UO. Well, this is everyone together! I think they are going to look absolutely beautiful come Saturday :) I am so lucky to have such beautiful women standing by my side.

Anyways, so next week, I have some special ladies who have given up their time to write guest posts for Pulchritude Fest while I'm on my honeymoon. Whooohooo!! Yay for these ladies and yay for honeymoons!! :D Some familiar faces you'll hear from next week include:

// Savannah from Maiedae
// Kate from Young Roman
// Little Miss from Lively Little Miss
// Emily & Allie from The Wonder List

Each of them have prepared something on the topic of Relationships. And it is GOOD! You will definitely not want to miss out on this. I've added a link on the left hand side for you to refer to if you miss out!

See y'all on the other side!

June 19, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway! (Closed)

Photo credit: Shabby Apple

In honor of this WONDERFUL week, I am giving away a $50 giftcard for Shabby Apple. If you are unfamiliar with Shabby Apple, they are a clothing boutique with vintage-inspired and adorable clothes for women. Learn more about who they are here and then take a look at their adorable clothes!

Note: This contest is open to U.S. residents onlyContestants must have a USA shipping address to be eligible for entry. 

Main Entry:
1. Like Shabby Apple on Facebook
2. Comment here - Leave your name and link to your blog//business and tell me what dress or item from Shabby Apple is your favorite!

Bonus Entries: (please leave one comment per bonus entry)
1. Follow Pulchritude Fest via GFC (on the bottom left of my blog)
2. Like Maiedae on Facebook.
3. Tweet about the giveaway! @pulchritudeFEST is giving away a @shabbyapple giftcard!!! http://pulchritudefest.blogspot.com/2012/06/shabby-apple-giveaway.html


Because Shabby Apple doesn't want to leave anyone out, you can all receive 10% off a purchase at Shabby Apple for the next month! Use coupon code: pulchritudefest10off.

Goals: The Halfway Point

Since it is halfway through the year, I thought it would be good to give an update on where I am with my 2012 goals. Accountability is great. Especially since most of the time I feel like this:

Good ole Ranger. He sure does love his naps! 

Anyways... looking through my goals, I realized I'm pretty much on track to completing them. Woohoo!!! There are a few additions that I would like to add and I've noted those at the bottom. 

My goals for 2012 include:

1. Have a blast planning our wedding! --> Done! And what a wonderful time it was! Read more about it here.
2. Start taking violin lessons. --> This has been postponed until later this year.
3. Become a runner. --> I wouldn't say I've become a runner yet. I'm still working on the consistency part...
4. Start a new photography project. --> Any good ideas? 
5. Learn how to be a great wife. --> I think this will be a lifelong thing... but this book has really helped.
6. Learn to cook. --> I'm definitely learning to conquer this! Weekly menus are going to help me tremendously.
7. Spend more time with family and friends. --> I have made significant effort to do this and it is paying off.
8. Read at least ten books. --> I've read 5 so far! Halfway there!
9. Have consistent craft nights with girls in the Atlanta area. --> Doing it! Read about our Pinterest parties here and here.
10. Create a new home with Drew & have fun decorating it! --> YES! So much fun :) Still in progress, but you can see progress here and here.
11. Paint my nails more often. --> Thanks to Savannah's array of nail polishes, I'm doing much better at this.
12. Go on a fun vacation. --> Does my honeymoon count? I think yes. 
13. Re-style my wardrobe. --> I've done a clean sweep of my wardrobe and am slowly building it back with only pieces I love.
14. Create new holiday traditions with Drew. --> This will be later in the year.
15. Expand & grow Maiedae with Savannah. --> This has been a blast! We've launched a new website, started offering website design, and added our photography skills to the mix. And we have even more plans for this year ahead!
16. Go to Prepared to Last at WinShape Retreat. --> This was one of the best things we did as part of our premarital counseling. Read about it here.
17. Take a class on jewelry making or another art or graphic design class. --> I haven't done this yet. 
18. Design a font. --> I haven't done this yet.
19. Get a sewing machine & become a better seamstress. --> Haven't done this either. :/
20. Make more pottery with Drew. --> We are looking into classes currently. Or if someone just wants to donate a wheel to us, that'd be great too. And a kiln...and some clay... :)
21. Continue participating in Arts & Crafts fairs with Savannah. --> Holiday Shopping Spectacular Indie Craft Experience 2012 here we come!
22. Start a collection of family heirlooms. --> Yes! I will have to post about this soon, but we have so many wonderful heirlooms. And I love all things sentimental. :)
23. Continue journaling. --> Yes. Doing it.
24. Create a photo journal for each year since 2006. --> Not done yet.
25. Visit Anica in Seattle & Alyssa in North Carolina. --> Visited Alyssa for her wedding, but haven't visited Anica yet.

Additions to my goals:

* Have a more healthy diet.
* Go to bed at a decent time and wake up earlier. Goal: be in bed by 11:00pm and wake up at 6:30am.
* Call family and friends more often.

June 18, 2012

Pinterest Party Creations

At the last Pinterest Party, we made unconventional jewelry stands. I loved this idea because I have so much jewelry that is just laying around. And I absolutely hate when it gets all tangled up. I decided to take an old picture frame and make something for my earrings to hang on. So, I took ribbon, string, and wire and... well... here are some photos:

I hope you have a great week! :D

June 15, 2012

Guest Book

I've been working hard to finish up some last details for the wedding and I'm pretty much done! :) The guest book is one of the things I wanted to be handmade. So, I decided that, since our invitations have a fingerprint thing going on, I would continue that theme with our guestbook.

I saw some of these ideas on Pinterest and decided to make my own version.

So this is what I came up with:

I got some Tsuikineko Memento Inks in Greenhouse. And a few felt tip black pens for people to sign their name with.

And we're ready to go! :)

June 14, 2012

Lovin' this week

Oh goodness! Only 9 days until the wedding :) I am so excited. And it's starting to feel so real. I think for the past few weeks it has become more and more tangible, yet in the past few days it has felt overwhelmingly exciting. In the next week or so, you might see a few less posts from me due to preparing for the wedding, but I do have some special guests lined up for the week of June 24 (I'll be on my honeymoon, so I definitely won't be here blogging). I didn't want to leave you in the dust, so I have some awesome guests who will be posting on my blog that week!

Some of my favorites this week:

1. This Gila Quilt from Anthropologie.
2. Two of these Hudson Pub Stools from World Market.
3 & 5. This beautiful jewelry from Roots & Feathers.
4. These Pop Print Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie.
6. This Misty Morning Striped Dress from ShopRuche.
7. This Willowherb Rolling Pin from Anthropologie.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

June 11, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone for helping me decide which dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner! Your help was very much appreciated. So... I had a hard time deciding...but this is what I finally decided to wear:

Dress #7

This dress went out of stock the first time I tried to order it, but recently came back in stock! I absolutely LOVE the crochet look and the rustic feel that it has. I am so excited that it is only 12 days until I marry my love! Woohoo!!!

Here is a little preview to our wedding:

June 7, 2012

Bedroom Ideas

As I've been decorating the house, I've been brainstorming what to do with Drew's and my bedroom. And I've come up with two ideas that I can't wait to get started on. The first idea came because we didn't have a headboard and I wanted to create something dramatic and the rustic feel that I love. So, I looked around and found this idea from design*sponge:

As you can see, it's got the rustic feel and I absolutely LOVE the idea of writing something in white on the wood.

It's almost perfect, but I think I would:
1. Make it just a bit taller
2. Add 2 lamps that would hang off the top
3. Add cushion to the part where your head would hit.

Here are some pictures of these ideas:

My other inspiration for our bedroom comes from a love of bed curtains. However, I do not love having a metal frame to possibly hit your head on or that gets in the way. So, my second idea is to hang curtain rods or galvanized piping from the ceiling and attached white chiffon curtains to flow down from it. This would create the effect of a dramatic bed without the need for a frame. Here's some examples of ones I love:

 I hope to start on these projects in the next 3 weeks...probably after the wedding. :) Exciting!!!

June 4, 2012

Get Totally Rad

For those of you who are looking for a great photo editing platform, Photoshop is wonderful. However, there is something even more wonderful within Photoshop that makes it much easier to zip through those edits. And it's called RadLab. I've been using RadLab for almost a year now, and I couldn't imagine life without it. Whether I edit a few photos for the blog, or I'm editing a hundred photos from a photo-shoot, RadLab makes it quick and easy to edit my photos to look a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

What's even better is that you can get 15% off using my discount code: 1383RAD. Whoop whoop!!! So, go treat yourself to some totally awesome photo editing software. You deserve it for being oh so totally rad.

June 1, 2012

The Place to Eat

Remember when Drew built me a beautiful table? Well.. IT'S FINISHED!!! And I've got pictures to prove it. Excuse the cardboard under the legs. We are still worried about it staining the carpet...even though it's completely dry. Isn't it gorgeous?

Annndddd.... I have one full place setting to display! So exciting :) I am so proud of this table and thrilled at how these beautiful dishes are turning out.

On another note, oh my gosh! I came across this video of these two girls singing. Ages twelve and eight!

That's all for now, folks!

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