July 31, 2012

19 years

Today is a special day. Nineteen years ago, today, my parents were married.

The story of my parents is unique and wonderful. You see, my Daddy (Kevin) is actually my step-dad...but I would never call him that. My biological dad left when I was about 2 1/2 years old and, to most people, that would seem like a sad story. However, maybe they don't realize that our God is a God of redemption and power who can turn any circumstance into something that shows His glory and love for us. 

So I am going to tell you a story.

After my biological dad left, my mom was devastated and went through more heartache than I can express here on this blog. I am the youngest of my three siblings, so I don't remember much of this time. And, on top of that, my mom did an excellent job of keeping her wits about her so that we could continue our childhood somewhat normally. Most of what I remember involves going to the library and reading TONS of books and our cat having a litter of really cute kittens. (Orangey, Blacky, Stripey... I was really good at naming cats haha...) What I also didn't know was how the Lord was providing miraculously for us during this time. 

When my dad left, he took all of the money with him. So we were left with nothing except bills... and a house with a mortgage...and three children to feed...and my mom without a job. As we grew older, my mom would tell us stories from that time --  people showing up with bags of clothes on our doorstep every school year, people providing meals every week for months and months, coming home and our lawn being mowed for us, someone giving my mom a job, and even people paying our tuition for the school we were attending. Pretty much, people from our church, friends, and family took care of us for about two years.

Then, my mom moved to the Singles Sunday School class at church and that's where my Daddy first saw her. He thought she was absolutely beautiful. But, when he found out she had three kids, he said never mind. A few months later, my Daddy started helping some people in the class who were taking meals and checking on us. He felt the Lord drawing him closer to my mom and so he asked her to go with him to a party their Sunday School class was throwing. My mom was very wary, but tells us of how she started to feel God's peace over their growing relationship. 

Eight months later, they were married. 

You see, the Lord was taking care of my family every step of the way. He provided people around us who took care of us - down to the very last need. He provided comfort and strength to my mom. And, ultimately, he restored my family to something even better than it was before. The Lord redeemed my family from destitution, despair, and abandonment. He showed His power to redeem us to something far greater than we were and far more than we could ever hope or imagine. And my Daddy was the final piece.

My parents are the best parents anyone could ask for. (I might be a little biased) And to me, my Daddy represents Christ's power to redeem our lives from despair to glorious riches. You see, my Daddy loves me and my siblings like we are his own. You would never know that I am not his biological child because of the way he loves me. And that is how God loves us when we accept Him into our lives. He rescues us from the despair of sin and death and gives us a new family, a new name, and becomes our new Daddy. And it is more than we could ever hope or imagine.

My life verse:
"The Lord, the King of Israel, is with you; never again will you fear any harm... The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to saveHe will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." -Zephaniah 3:15,17

Bottom row: me, my sister, and my brother. Obviously, I took the whole thing very seriously.

Aren't they beautiful? I wore my Mom's earrings on my wedding day.

July 30, 2012

Blog Design: Musings

Wow! It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I'm trying really hard to get back on track with everything! Taking on the role of a wife has been the most wonderful experience of my life. However, it has also been challenging as I typically keep a very busy schedule. And, of course, I want to make my new husband a top priority! :) I am certain that I will get in the swing of things soon - it just takes a little rearranging and adjusting. But, that's what marriage is all about - two coming together as one.

I had the opportunity recently to design a blog for the beautiful and sweet Lena of Musings. Lena was so wonderful to work with and I had a blast with her design. Lena writes each blog post with the intention to celebrate life’s joy. This can include things like recipes, photos, travel aspirations, nature, inspiring bloggers or artists, music, and anything else she believes contributes to the joy in living.

Lena wanted the blog design to be inspired by a breath of fresh air. You know, that glorious deep breath after opening the shutters to let all the sunshine in? It is light, airy, and a little dreamy. It's color is earthy, yet somewhat vibrant. It's somewhat  simple and a bit feminine, while also being sophisticated.

So go on over and say "Hello" to Lena! What are you waiting for?

Interested in a blog design for yourself or your business? Contact me at jenny@maiedae.com or visit Maiedae's website to find more information and view our portfolio!

July 23, 2012

Ideas for Fall Outfits

Fall is by far my favorite season. It always has been. Always will be. Something my friends know about me is that my tastes rarely change and my favorites are pretty constant. Every now and again, I like to change up the tempo to my wardrobe, but it always stays in the same genre.

I've been brainstorming ideas for some cute fall outfits and I came across these ideas. I am absolutely loving the nude // pink nail polish and lipstick. I've never been a bold lip lady, so accenting the eyes and going for a nude lip is always attractive to me. I wore a similar toe nail polish at our wedding and absolutely loved the natural and clean look it gave.

I'm also loving the big, comfy sweaters combined with leggings and an awesome pair of boots. My favorite colors really never change - browns and creams, deep plum, light blue, and camel. The best thing I have in my closet is my pair of camel boots. And I'm still diggin' the camel for this fall.

What are some things you're looking forward to wearing this fall?

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July 19, 2012

Wedding Photos: the details

Whew! It has been a crazy week. I apologize for not being around here in the past few days. Savannah and I have been working hard on a few big projects and Drew and I have been working hard on some projects for our apartment. I can't wait to show you! The living//dining area is almost complete!

One of my favorite parts about our wedding were all the little details that made it unique and special. Here are some of my favorites and the stories behind them.

Our centerpieces were made from burlap squares, mason jars with ribbon, and lace tied around them filled with babies breath, all set on a wood stump covered in moss.

I had seen many people put stickers on the bottom of their shoes, but I painted "I do" for a more personal touch.

I ordered my garter off Etsy from Lola in Lace

Drew's grandmother gave me a sixpence to put in my shoe. She bought them almost 20 years ago for her grandchildren to have on their wedding day. The saying goes, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Happy is the bride with a sixpence in her shoe!"

We needed extra seating, so we added hay bales and threw quilts on top!

My dress was made out of chiffon - just like the curtains at the barn.

My mom and her friend made these boutineers for the groomsmen to wear.

The owners of the Barn customize this sign for every bride and groom. :)

We had so many mutual friends, it only made sense! I thrifted this sign and used chalkboard paint to write on it. (Much easier than regular chalk.)

I showed you all a preview of our guestbook here, but I added the little sign that says "Leaf your thumbprint please and sign your name."

This was a special idea that I had always wanted to do - embroidering the wedding date inside the hem of my dress in light blue thread. Aimee of Daisy Eyes did the embroidery work for me.

Behind our wedding cake, we hung pictures from our parents' and grandparents' weddings. It was a special way to honor them.

I designed our save the dates, invitations, and wedding programs to have the same look and feel. The programs were glued onto brown Kraft card stock. 

Drew wore his grandfather's cuff links.

A lace doily on the front of the programs added an elegant touch.

The flowers were beautiful! Shades of coral, pink, yellow, green and white! They were perfect, thanks to Yvonne of South City Cakes

Our wedding cake was both elegant, simple, and a hint of rustic. Aimee made the cake topper and Yvonne made the cake!

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