February 5, 2014

edgy layers

Outfit Details
1 // Maternity Dress - Target
2 // Sweater - Kiki LaRue
3 // Floral Scarf - Target
4 // Leather Jacket - (similar)
5 // Polka Dot Leggings - (similar)
6 // Cally Slipper Minnetonka
7 // Georgia Necklace - Oh So Antsy

Sorry that these photos are a little blurry in spots - it started raining right as we were taking photos! I wanted to try out a more "edgy" look than I normally wear and I ended up really loving it! Especially how comfortable all the layers are on top of each other. Trying out a bohemian look last week and an edgy one this week, I might just have to get out of my comfort zone more often because I usually really like it :)

At 28 weeks pregnant, I'm starting to retire some of the tops I was getting away with wearing before. Now my belly is big enough to have to get creative and/or buy some good maternity tops. This black dress (like I mentioned yesterday) is one of the only ones I've bought so far, but I'm loving it. I've slept in it and worn it with almost everything this week. I'd love to hear if you have any suggested maternity brands that you think I should try out!


  1. You look so darling! I love this look and the splash of color.


    Little Sloth

  2. Like I've said before you are the cutest pregnant lady with the best style! I wish I had more motivation and didn't like in such a underdressed town I could dress up more :)

    looking great! xo Tereza


  3. :) I hope you are enjoying pregnancy, it would seem that you are. It is such a wonderful time, so take the time to paint those nails and buy a pretty dress. I got a few maternity items, and my favorite brand was Pinkblush Maternity. They have a great selection, not too pricey and I may have been perusing for myself...(not even preggers).

  4. You may have said something about this before, but you have this purple hue to your hair that I AM DYING OVER. Honestly - it looks gorgeous on you and I can't stop staring *notacreep*. The outfit is super cute too and you totally pull of the pregnant look with ease :)

  5. Oh yes!! I totally forgot to mention it in one of my previous posts! Ha ha thank you for reminding me. I tried something new last week just for the fun of it - it's called "Darkest Violet No. 3.16" by Olia and it's ammonia free! My husband doesn't really like when I dye my hair because he loves my natural hair color ...and so do I... but it's a fun treat every now and then to do something not-so-ordinary :)

  6. Yes! I am new to Pinkblush, but have one top from there that is just the coziest ever! :) And you know what... I think I'll paint my nails tonight!

  7. Thank you! :) I may have revealed a little too much of my true crazy side in that last photo... haha!

  8. Aww you are the sweetest. And speaking of cute pregnant ladies.. you are definitely one of them! I saw you're having a boy as well - congratulations! You should dress up just for the fun of it - it definitely helps me to feel better even if I'm not going anywhere special.

  9. The only part that keeps me from dying my hair is the waiting it takes for it to be completely natural color again. It certainly looks gorgeous on you :)

  10. I love the edgy look and you look beautiful! Also that necklace is pretty awesome! :)

  11. The layers look absolutely gorgeous together... you're doing a fabulous
    job with your maternity style!! And I'm so thrilled to have stumbled
    upon your blog! Excited to be reading along!! xoxo

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  12. Your hair color is to die for. I've been wanting to try it so bad but I'm afraid it won't turn out as anticipated. What color was you hair before you dyed it?


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