February 4, 2014

my 2nd trimester essentials

Woohoo! I had my 28 week doctor appointment this morning and did my gestational diabetes test as well as got my RH negative shot. I should find out the results of the test in the next few weeks. Rowan has been an extremely active little boy and it's been fun to see more and more movement from the outside as he shifts around in there. I know it might be weird, but I think I'll actually miss having him inside my belly. ALTHOUGH - oh my goodness - I got to hold sweet little Soren this weekend and it made me so ready to get Rowan out and into my arms. It definitely gave me some extra motivation to get through these last weeks :) He is such a sweet little baby and so, so beautiful. I am so proud of Savannah and Jon and what wonderful parents they already are and I know they will be!

Since I'm officially in my third trimester now, I thought I'd share with you what I found to be really helpful for me during the second trimester. The second trimester was a really fun experience and a lot happened! -- I saw my belly pop out, we found out the gender, decided on a name, began working on the nursery, and started to feel movement :) Lots of wonderful memories that I will cherish for a long time to come. Pregnancy is a different journey for everyone and I'm all about making yourself feel as good as possible during the ride... so here are my picks for the second trimester.

1 \\ Back in the day, women used to hide their baby bellies, but I'm all about showing off that baby bump! My favorite item to do this so far is this maternity dress from Target. I love that it grows with you and I've been wearing it to sleep in as well as dressed up to go out.

2 \\ ORANGES!! For some reason, I've just loved anything citrus.

3 \\ During this second trimester, my nose has been running constantly and usually I wake up with it bleeding a little bit. Which is supposedly really normal, but this humidifier is something I definitely recommend to help make the air a little less dry for your nose.

4 \\ The doctor recommended to me to drink a billion cups of water every day (not really a billion... but more than the normal 8 cups) and I know this seems silly, but I've made this task a little easier by purchasing a fun cup with a straw :) Who doesn't love a plastic mason jar cup with a straw?

5 \\ It's amazing how many apps and resources are at our fingertips! My 2 favorite apps that I've enjoyed during my pregnancy are Sprout and Obaby. Sprout gives me detailed information about what's going on with Rowan, a realistic fetal image of what he probably looks like, a weight tracker to make sure I'm staying healthy, as well as other resources. Obaby is probably the most beautiful artwork photo overlay app out there. They have all sorts of beautiful artwork for pregnancy, announcements, birth, after birth, adoption, and more! I wish they had one that was just for everyday use... although I'd probably use it www-aaaa-yyy too much and annoy everyone :)

6 \\ With an achy back and sore legs, comfy feet are a must for me and these house slippers from Minnetonka are just the thing my feet need. They are super soft on the inside and I may or may not wear them out of the house all the time...

7 \\ Nursing bras aren't just for post-pregnancy! As my body has changed, I've gone ahead and purchased some of these bras that will see me through the rest of my pregnancy as well as once baby arrives and I'm breastfeeding. I like that they are still pretty looking and make me feel like I'm not a lump on a log. ;)

I'd love to hear your favorites if you've been pregnant before or are pregnant now! Hope you guys have a great day :)


  1. Rosie @ lifearmywifestyle.comFebruary 4, 2014 at 2:34 PM

    I love the bras! I will have to order some :-) I can't live without my eos lip balm!

  2. OBaby is from the same company that designed the "Over" app. I use that one almost daily!


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