Hand Lettering E-Course

Hand Lettering E-Course


Learn to letter like a pro!! You'll be on your way when you complete this in-depth e-course, complete with 10 videos, tons of examples, and 15 guided activities. In these 9 Lessons + 2 BONUS lessons you'll learn:

  • The basics of lettering
  • What tools I recommend
  • Guidance on finding inspiration
  • How to develop a style that is your own
  • The how-to's of lettering and modern calligraphy
  • Adding flourishes with style
  • An in-depth look at Jenny's style and rules
  • Tips and tricks for laying out your lettering
  • Putting it all together with your own artwork


  • A step-by-step guide in how to digitize lettering for print
  • Tips on adding illustration to your lettering
  • Extra linked resources, tool suggestions, books, and websites

Are the e-courses self-paced?

Yes! Take your time with each lesson and set aside time to learn when your schedule allows. Go as quickly or as slowly as you want through each course. Although we recommend taking your time!

How long do I have access to the e-course?

Once purchased, you gain unlimited access to the course. This allows you plenty of time to take the course as well as reference the course when needed!

Will I have access to updated versions of the e-course?

Yes! Whenever the course is updated in any capacity you will still have access to the site and benefit from the updates. :)

What supplies will I need for the e-course?

Any supplies that you will need or that are recommended will be thoroughly outlined within each course.

How can I gift this e-course to someone I know will really enjoy it?

Please contact us at hello@jennyhighsmith.com to discuss gift options.

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I am thoroughly enjoying this class. – Rebecca Pelletier

Still using it - but enjoying it so far. – Betty Bergen