April 22, 2014

spring shoes

I've had my eye on shoes this spring because I feel as if my shoe wardrobe needs a re-vamp. I've been seeing so many cute styles lately and would love to add some fun, funky pairs as well as some more neutral basics to my wardrobe. I especially want some shoes that are comfortable, yet stylish, and I feel as if almost all of these would all fit that criteria. I'm loving wedges lately and a bold, printed flat.

1 \\ Spot Dot Flat - Madewell 
2 \\ Yellow Raffia Flat - Proud Mary Textiles
3 \\ Braided Swedish Hasbeens - Madewell
4 \\ Wedge Heel Sandal - ShoeMint
5 \\ Black Strap Sandal - Modcloth
6 \\ Animal Print Flats - Net-a-Porter
7 \\ Stripe Sandal - Madewell
8 \\ Nude Pump - ShoeMint
9 \\ Dolce Vita Sandal - Moorea Seal
10 \\ Bandera Boot - Minnetonka
11 \\ Floral Print Espadrilles - Lulu's
12 \\ Kitten Flats - Jeffrey Campbell

April 21, 2014

pursue your dreams: anna of in honor of design

Pursue Your Dreams is a weekly mini-series brought to you by a handful of talented handmade artists, bloggers, small business owners, and ladies who are chasing hard after their dreams. The series focuses on 3 insights they've learned about staying inspired, dealing with negativity, business tips, blogging, setting goals, marketing yourself, and more!

Being an entrepreneur is a big risk to begin with. If you think about it, there are only unknowns when you make the first steps. You see where you want to be and you may or may not know how you are going to get there. It can be both thrilling and nerve wrecking.

1 // Write down your biggest goals
I realized early on if I didn't set small achievable goals, I would never reach those big ones. I started to write down big goal ideas on paper in each calendar month, and under each goal, write the small tangible ones to tackle for the week. I knew if I built and grew my business, I could some day achieve those big loftier ones. Somehow, when you see it written out it seems to give it more validation;) Then make a crazy move. It is really good practice to do something every month that makes your stomach flop. Whether it's sending a media kit to your dream company to work with or sending a collaboration proposal to an unlikely client. Whatever it may be, even if there is no response or a no return, the fact that you push your limit grows your confidence in your abilities. This is easier said than done, of course, and oftentimes I let fear or doubt prevent me from pressing send, but I will say that many many good things have also come from taking those monthly risks.

2 // Make connections
It is almost impossible to grow a successful business without a community of support. We cannot do it solo. Reaching out and lifting others up always comes back around to lift you up on the day you are really needing it. It also is smart to pull together with others that compliment your strengths and audience and the results are equally beneficial. Dream and scheme with bloggers, companies, and small businesses from all levels of success.

3 // Step away from the computer
Our mind, body, and soul were not designed to be glued to our computers. We respond to our senses...feel touch, smell, etc. When you can get out of the house, have time to travel and explore, or spend a morning with a friend you give yourself the opportunity to refresh. So much good can come when we spend time with our family and allow ourselves the time to breath naturally. Some of my best ideas have come after a good vacation away from the screen.

Thank you so much, Jenny, for having me as a guest. I am so thrilled for Rowan's arrival and know you will make a beautiful mother! x, Anna

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us, Anna! Be sure to visit her blog if you haven't already and join us next week for more inspirational insights. :)

April 19, 2014

sponsor feature: rachel of rachel boulevard

I'm so excited to introduce to you Rachel of Rachel Boulevard. She and her husband, Brandon, are expats residing in Barcelona, Spain, while raising their two kids, traveling a lot, and writing positively about their journey through this crazy life. Be sure to check out Rachel's Instagram and Twitter to get all the latest!

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I'm a wife, mom of two young ones, and an American currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I'm also a travel addict, hobby collector (yep, I have so many "hobbies," I have begun collecting them), and a Kansas City native. Life with two children in a foreign country isn't always easy, but it has so far been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My husband is fluent in Spanish but the rest of us are learning the language together. Sometimes I cry because the simplest things are hard (like finding quinoa at the grocery store) and sometimes I cry because things are beautiful, the sweet smile and sense of understanding I receive from a Spanish Mother who understands the love I have for my children.

Why Did You Start Your Own Blog?

I started the blog 5 years ago when my husband and I moved abroad for the first time. It was a way to share our story with close family members and friends. Last year, I decided to make the blog public and share our travel stories with the world.

If you could pass on a piece of advice what would it be?

It's a cliche answer, but do what you love and then share it with others. Only write about what you want. Don't worry about anyone else, or not having enough posts for the week. I'm still learning a lot about this blogging world but I do know that readers respond to authenticity.

Anything else you would like to say?

Anything about the other aspects of the blog. My husband is an amputee and cancer survivor and I am a big advocate for both causes. Also, I love posting great outfits to travel in.


Rachel is kind enough to offer one lucky reader a small 8x10 Laura Amiss Print of the winners choice. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and one winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter within the week.
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Thanks so much for sponsoring with me, Rachel, and for sharing a little bit of your story with us :) 
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