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Beautiful artwork for your home that speaks the truth of God's love to your heart

Atlanta based artist + graphic designer, Jenny Highsmith, has been perfecting her skills since she opened her shop in 2013. Combining her love of painting florals + landscapes with a passion to encourage those around her with hand lettered quotes, Jenny brings beauty to both your heart + your home.



creating beautiful artwork for your home that speaks the truth of God's love to your heart.

So many years of my life have been spent dwelling in the lies I've been telling myself -- I'm not good enough, skinny enough, wise enough, talented enough. Or, I'm too much. There have been times in my life I've felt weighed down by the lies so much that I've forgotten the truth. I've forgotten that my approval is not found in others or in how I measure up to this world. My approval, and your approval, is found in Jesus' righteousness.

But sometimes it's difficult to remember the truth. We easily forget. For me, it's been so important to write the truth on the walls of my home, on my mirror, and anywhere else I can see it daily. And that's what I want to do for you too. I want you to have beautiful reminders of the truth so that you can continuously get rid of the lies and live confident and joyful lives in His loving presence.

My pieces are meant to inspire and uplift you. To make you bold and confident. To know your worth. To celebrate beauty all around you. To be a positive voice in your head when there are none.

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