Welcome! I'm Jenny Highsmith - an artist and creative entrepreneur living in Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee where I fell in love with art at a young age and attended art camp almost every summer. I continued pursuing my artistic passions through high school and graduated with a degree in visual communication from Berry College. After college, I started my own graphic design company with my best friend and eventually, in 2013, opened up my own print shop which has evolved into what you see here.

I am the proud wife to my college sweetheart, Drew, and mother to our three kids - Rowan, Conor, & Julianna. We currently reside on the north side of Atlanta where Drew works in pest control and I work from home as an artist and stay at home mom. On the side, Drew also builds unique herringbone coffee tables and secretly wants to try out for The Voice. When I'm not busy lettering, I love having heart-to-hearts with friends, spending time outside, painting, anything to do with fall or Christmas, drinking lattes, and going on dates with Drew. :)

I am crazy passionate about my faith, family, and friendships. I feel that my life was purposed for creating beauty as well as empowering and encouraging women to discover their purpose in life and inspire them to know they are enough.





The foundation of my shop really began when I was a teenager, struggling with my own insecurities and fighting off the lies that told me I was not valuable or worthy of love. In my journey through high school and college, I consistently found healing through speaking truth and Scripture over these lies and quickly realized that I wanted others to experience the same sense of value and worth in themselves, but I had no idea how to do that.

Fast forward a few years to 2012 - I was newly wed and found myself creating artwork for our small apartment. Other people would come over and leave asking me to create something for their home as well. It wasn't until a friend came up to me and told me that she had hung one of my prints next to her mirror and it had made a huge impact towards her speaking truth and love over herself every day that I realized the connection between my love for creating art and the passion I had for others to know their value and worth. My prints were encouraging women to believe in themselves, to be reminded of their worth in God, and to see beauty in difficult situations. Shortly after that, I opened a small online shop selling art prints which has evolved and grown over time into what you see now.





Each of my designs begin as pencil drawings, followed by ink or watercolor and are then digitized on my computer to be used on a variety of products including art prints, mugs, shirts, canvases, and more. I like to keep the messy look that comes from painting each piece by hand, ink stains and all.

Even though my shop has grown a lot since 2013, I try to keep the personal touch I started out with by hand writing notes to each customer and being intentional about how each order is packaged and received. My hope is that, as the shop grows, the care and attention to detail is never forsaken and the purpose of speaking truth to your heart stays the same.

If you think our aesthetics are a good match and would like to discuss a collaboration, please shoot me an email.