Silhouettes are the perfect keepsake to capture your little one's adorable features forever. I began illustrating silhouettes because I remember having mine done as a child and wanted to capture the small details of my boy's features as they grow up. The little cow-lick of hair or the curve of their perfect little lips. I've created several options for you to choose from below - from the traditional print, to a fun hand lettered version, to a more modern canvas banner print. I'm sure there's a version that will fit your space perfectly.


classic silhouette

The classic silhouette is a hand illustrated silhouette complete with your little one's name and detailed features of their profile. We try to capture each and every detail you'll want to remember forever. Silhouettes come in 8x10 and 11x14 sizes.

hand lettered silhouette

Want something a little more unique than the traditional silhouette? How about having your little one's name hand lettered over their silhouette - creating a unique spin on the traditional. Silhouettes come in 8x10 and 11x14 sizes.



Classic Silhouettes


Hand lettered silhouettes


How to Order:

Once you place your order, you will be sent instructions on how to take and send your child's photo. Photos are best when taken in bright lighting in front of a window or plain wall and you should have the camera at the same height as your child's head. It looks best when long hair is either pulled up completely or swept over the shoulder closest to the camera. For babies, try lying them down on a white sheet on their side to get the best profile view.


Turnaround Time:

All silhouettes take between 1-2 weeks to produce from the time the photo is sent over to me.