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Beautiful artwork for your home that speaks the truth of God's love to your heart


I’m Jenny Highsmith and I create hand lettered art in order to help women know their worth in Christ so that they can pursue a life overflowing with joy and hope.


creating beautiful artwork for your home that speaks the truth of God's love to your heart.

So many years of my life have been spent dwelling in the lies I've been telling myself -- I'm not good enough, skinny enough, wise enough, talented enough. Or, I'm too much. There have been times in my life I've felt weighed down by the lies so much that I've forgotten the truth. I've forgotten that my approval is not found in others or in how I measure up to this world. My approval, and your approval, is found in Jesus' righteousness.

But sometimes it's difficult to remember the truth. We easily forget. For me, it's been so important to write the truth on the walls of my home, on my mirror, and anywhere else I can see it daily. And that's what I want to do for you too. I want you to have beautiful reminders of the truth so that you can continuously get rid of the lies and live confident and joyful lives in His loving presence.

My pieces are meant to inspire and uplift you. To make you bold and confident. To know your worth. To celebrate beauty all around you. To be a positive voice in your head when there are none.

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Hand lettering god’s word
coming soon!

Christian women are looking for books and resources to help them feel creative and, also, express their faith. Hand Lettering God’s Word accomplishes both.

The book is divided into two sections - the first section has a very practical, journal or workbook-like feel, teaching you the basics of hand lettering. Included are chapters on tools and resources, the basic strokes, and how to develop your own style. After completing this section, we hope you feel that you, too, can hand letter, even if you don’t feel naturally gifted.

The second section of the book is a more in-depth look at each alphabet letter, paired with a Scripture and small devotional for you to meditate on. This section is meant to show you how to use your new skill as a means of committing God’s word to memory. We know how powerful God’s Word is, and memorizing Scripture has many benefits including changing the desires of our hearts, fighting temptation, giving us direction, allowing us to share the gospel, giving us a weapon against spiritual warfare, and more powerful prayers.

Perfect for solo practice or a nice small group study, this book is a wonderful way to grow closer to the Lord as you channel your creativity. You might even find it’s a journey you would like to have together with other Christian women wanting to learn to hand-letter in a group, while also having accountability partners on Scripture memorization. You could encourage each other in both and have a new excitement for studying God’s word.